About Us

Echotitbits.com, a digital news and publications medium is an arm of Afrique Heritage Publishers Ltd. Our editorial operation focuses on general news, business, IT, entertainment & lifestyle publications.

Our differentiation is anchored on giving readers more and interesting details, connecting the story to major participants. We aim to be a powerhouse of online news in Africa in 5 years, build a brand that enhances the development of socio-economic developments, quality information, and is attractive and appealing to the youth.


  • Bunmi Adebayo – Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
  • Tobiloba Kolawole – Managing Editor
  • Oriolowo Muritala – IT Executive
  • Email: [email protected]

Editorial Values

  • Independence: We are free of partisan and sectional interests
  • Impartiality: We shall be fair-minded and even-handed to all sides
  • Integrity: We shall be honest and upright in our practice of journalism
  • Defense of the Public Interest: We believe nobody is bigger than Nigeria
  • Respect for Diversity: We shall respect ethnic, religious and political diversity