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Send us a ready-to-use creative Ad banner designed by your graphics person (or if you want, our creative team could design one for you – send us a mail at [email protected]). Similarly, Note that your creative Ad banner must be borderless and less than 2000 kb size, and in PNG or JPG format.

Attach your ready-to-use creative Ad banner in an email to us at [email protected]. The subject of the mail should read – ADVERTISEMENT PROPOSAL. Our team will assess your Ad to ensure it is fit for publication. We will not approve Ad material that is deceptive, illegal or questionable by law.

After approval of your Ad banner, we will provide you with payment details to commission the advert category of your choice. In addition from the moment your Ad is uploaded on our website, we will provide you with detailed weekly reports of clicks and views – analytics.

Please click here to download – Echotitbits Media Kit for our advertisement rates.

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