How to Save a Choking Baby from Dying


A Nigerian medical doctor based in Lagos has advised on steps to take in order to save babies and toddlers who choke on food substances.

The medical doctor, Chinonso Egemba, who is popular on twitter as Aproko Doctor highlighted these steps following the death of a baby.

According to Egemba on Twitter, a baby “died because a piece of groundnut entered her windpipe and blocked her airway. Her toddler sibling was trying to feed her while the mom was bathing”.

The Aproko Doctor further highlighted steps to take, which stated “might save a baby’s life” in situations where a baby has choked on food substance.

He said: “Step one: Call for help!

“Shout! Call your neighbors! Scream like a life depends on it.

“Step 2. Give back blows


“If it’s a baby under one year: Lay the baby face down across your laps and use the heel of your hands to give back blows.

“The back blows is done to cause a vibration that might dislodge the object blocking the airway.

“Use the heel of your hand.

“Your blows should be firm but not too hard.

“If that doesn’t work, Lay the baby face up, feel the bone in the middle of the chest called the breastbone

“Place two fingers on it and push sharply five times! Push as though you’re pushing upwards and inwards.

“Remember that you are still calling for help if no one has shown up
If this child is older, like a toddler

“Kneel behind the child and wrap your hands around the child’s abdomen between the navel and ribs and pull sharply towards you upwards and inwards, (you are behind the child)”, the doctor stated.

Doctor Egemba however warned that in this circumstances, parents should avoid inserting fingers into the mouth of a choking baby.

“What not to do! Never leave the child alone.

“Do not put your fingers into the mouth of a choking baby if you haven’t seen the object. It’s called a blind sweep. Don’t do it.

“Never give an obviously choking child water to drink”, Aproko Doctor warned.