Peter Obi Reveals Intense Pressure to Flee Nigeria Amidst Political Turmoil

File Photo: Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi

On Wednesday night, Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, claimed that he is facing pressure to leave Nigeria.

In a statement, Obi accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) and various government agencies of attempting to divert attention from the shortcomings in this year’s elections by attacking his character.

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The former governor of Anambra State also addressed the issue of a viral audio recording that purportedly featured him speaking with Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, urging the religious leader to support his presidential aspirations in order to secure victory for Christians in Nigeria’s “religious war.”

Obi dismissed the alleged audio as fraudulent.

“The present attempts by the APC as a Party, and the APC Led-government through some government officials and agencies to divert our attention from our blatantly stolen mandate is unfortunate and sad,” Obi said.

“These have come and continued to manifest in different ways, such as the malicious accusation of the Minister of Information, Mr Lai Mohammed, the circulation of a fake doctored audio call, and a pressure on me to leave the country.

“Let me reiterate that the audio call being circulated is fake, and at no time throughout the campaign and now did I ever say, think, or even imply that the 2023 election is, or was a religious war.”

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He appealed to Nigerians and the international community to intervene and pressure the APC to halt their assaults.

Furthermore, he emphasized his dedication and determination to lawfully and peacefully reclaim the people’s mandate.